adamram         CW




CW is a multi-media collaboration based on the game 'Chinese whispers', in which players whisper into the ear of the person sitting to their left a phrase which the person sitting to their right has whispered to them. This game can be seen as an exploration of the limitations of comprehension, and also the range of human imagination and perception involved when a player has to fill any gaps in the information received.

The aim of the project is to create a chain of production in which each artist is given the preceding piece to which they have to create. Through this project, I wish to observe the subjectivity of perception from the participants, and also examine and prove the theory that a 'harmony of chaos' is possible. CW represents how different art-forms can work together in producing one complete work constructed from different artistic influences.

All performances will be recorded (photographs/video) to be used in follow-up analyses, and publication of results (catalogues) is also planned (funds permitting)


The only limitations of the project are:

1) the name CW is a constant  

2) each artist must create his/her piece as an interpretation of the preceding piece  

3) the artists have no access to other parts of CW except for the piece preceding theirs


For the final presentation, all 3 parts will be shown concurrently, completing the 'circle of interpretation' and ending the game. The slide images will be compared to the original slide images from PART ONE and a summary of results will be presented by CW developer.



PART ONE was performed in Riga in April 2006

An exhibition presenting Part One was held in the UK (Kirkby Gallery, Merseyside) in September 2006


PART TWO was developed in Slovenia and Portugal

An installation of Part Two was held in March 2009 in MGLC (International Centre for Graphic Art) Ljubljana, Slovenia


PART THREE is in pre-planning stage, with an expected completion (and final project completion date) of 2014.