wax    adamram




One night



I thought about you today and it made me smile.

I remembered one night we spent together,

The words we forgot to say to each other.

Now itís too late to whisper sweet Ďif onlysí

But I want you to know that Iíll never forget that desire

To reach you, to touch your inner harmony

And tell you that you changed my life.

It was all misdirected electricity, I never wanted to make you mine.

I just needed a quick release, sadly this was physical.

Sometimes you just need warmth and understanding,

Someone who will listen without sympathy or advice,

Away from destructive power-trips and emotional response.

This is what I needed that night, this is what you needed that night,

But we were both too deep inside ourselves that we misread the signs.

I wrote this song to say sorry.