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Nina Vareško and Sašo Petan have been working with video and film for about eight years. In this time, they have participated in many video workshops, as listeners and also leaders. They have also participated in the organisation of some film festivals and were authors and co-authors of many short documentary, feature and animated films that were shown in festivals in Slovenia and abroad.

Sašo is currently finishing 'environmental protection studies' at the University of Ljubljana while Nina, after graduating in Psychology, is cooperating with 'Kings of the street' (an association for help and self-help of homeless people) as specialist and artist.

At the moment, Nina and Sašo are living in Porto where they are searching for new inspirations for their work.



“We find the CW project a bit special as it involves cooperation between the artists without exchanging communication. Therefore, we had to use completely different creative approach - the ideas for the video originated from the music that was given to us, without any additional comments. So, for a change, we had complete freedom during the creative process. We can hardly wait for the final project exhibition to see all the creations!


The first impressions after listening to the music we turned into a story which will forever stay not visualised because of a moral dilemma. The upgrade of the primary story was also not realisable due to technical, weather and railway issues. Finally, our third interpretation of the music was successfully visualised. We experienced the music as a closed circle where the end means a new beginning, and in such an atmosphere we also made our video.”