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Metka was born in Ljubljana and grew up in Domale and Trzin. She graduated in French and History from the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana. During her studies, she saved some money for travelling in the summers, mostly in France. She worked as a volunteer, helping physically and mentally handicapped people, and she also French to children in Africa. Later, she started teaching English and French, and through working in different language schools she came to her present position of primary school teacher in Ljubljana. Whenever she isn't teaching, she translates and cooperates in small cultural projects, mostly as assistant and translator, and in recent years also as an author.



"CW inspired my imagination a long time before I was invited to be a part of it. It was one autumn day in a small room in a language school where I met Adam and Anita, and not long after their work Anita's photos and Adam's first part of CW. Just a year later, we were already making plans together for the realisation of CW (part two). My task was to start the second part of CW. I was the first in the chain of 6 participating artists, which was for me a special challenge and responsibility, being aware that I'm the sculptor of the first stone in this mosaic. This appealed to me because whenever I have to work with others, whether in my everyday life, at work or as part of a collaborative project, it wakes my creative energy and inspires me.


With my words, I interpreted 2 small sketches from audience members of CW (part one) which was held in Latvia, as a multi-media dance performance. Audience members were given pencils and paper and were asked to write or draw their impressions of the project.

The sketches awoke in me visual memories of childhood, growing up, trees, water, wind, bicycle, and a physical memory of very gentle touch of the body and silk, a dress or a skirt. From those memories, I took out the bike and the skirt, and this is how the story developed."