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In general, CW is a completely free project where each artist is given ‘complete licence’ to choose how they create their piece, as long as they stay within the basic framework of the project. The only conditions which apply are in terms of 1) source of inspiration 2) time spent on creating and developing artwork 3) restrictions on length/dimensions of artwork.


1 Source of inspiration.

The artists' only source of inspiration is the preceding ‘piece’ in the CW process

Participating artists should not have access to any other piece in the process except for the piece immediately preceding their piece. (i.e. the musician should only have access to the photograph, not to the writing).

This is the most important condition as the whole project is based on this ‘whispering’ and ‘repeating what you think you heard’


2 Time spent

Each artist will have a maximum one month to create their piece – the reason for this is that I feel that this is the maximum amount of time needed to develop a piece based on ‘first impressions’.

These ‘first impressions’ represent what you ‘think the person before you whispered into your ear’ and your artwork will be how you have chosen to ‘whisper’ this first impression to the next artist in the chain.


3 Length/dimensions of artwork

In the game Chinese Whispers, the message is usually one or two sentences long and not a whole story – if it was any longer then there would be an extremely small probability that the message would find its way through the chain. For the CW project, I also wish to apply this principle – that each piece is of a length which is ‘easily interpretable’ without there being too many impressions which would cloud the ‘main impression’ of the piece each artist has to interpret. The ‘maximum dimensions of each piece’ is: Writing – no more than 600 words, Photography – a maximum 12 photos, with one chosen to be interpreted by the musician, Music – maximum 30 minutes of ‘improvisation’, Video – maximum 15 minutes, Installation – ‘pieces’ must be presented in chronological order.

These ‘restrictions’ help keep the message at a short enough length to expect at least some level of accuracy in the message being whispered from artist to artist.