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Audience reactions from Part One are given to the writer

The writer writes, inspiration coming from the audience reactions, and gives this to the photographer

The  photographer takes a series of photos and chooses one to fit to the writing, and gives this photo to the musician

The musician ‘improvises’, interpreting the photograph, and give a recording of this music to the video-artist

The video-artist makes a short film based on the music.


The installation-artist creates an installation to exhibit all parts (from parts one and two) of the collaboration to the public

Installation-viewers are invited to write one-sentence comments on the project (no more than 8 words). These comments will be used as the starting point of Part Three.



limitations for artists   


The artists collaborating in the project are:

Metka Zorec (SLO)

Anita Strasser (AUT)

Gal Gjurin (SLO)

Nina Vareško and Sašo Petan (SLO)

Ana Čigon (SLO)