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Gal Gjurin (1978) is a Slovenian composer, vocalist, poet and music producer. He is band leader of several multi-genre music groups (such as Gal in Galeristi, Olivija, Projekt Mesto), as well as being a successful solo artist. In 2002, he won the nomination for best Slovenian literature debut. His poetry and prose have been published in some of the most respectable Slovenian publications, and also translated into six languages.



"I joined the CW project because of its interdisciplinarity and the interesting dialogues between different cultural approaches and national backgrounds. It's 'genetics' as such are extremely rare for Slovenia's cultural environment. And, of course, we mustn't forget about the extent, freshness and imagination of the project. 


I based my work on Anita's photograph. Her photo is in itself very narrative and instantly raises associations, so I really had no problems with creativity. I only had a problem with waiting for the right moment to come along, the moment of peace and contentration which studio work of this type invariably requires. In the studio, I was assisted by my colleague, producer Lukas Stepančič. I developed the story inspired by Anita's photograph something like this: A young man pulls up on his vespa, parks beneath his girlfrend's flat, walks up to the third floor and stops in front of her door, holding an engagement ring. He waits and he thinks. He almost enters, but then he stops ... and thinks again. He calms down, decides to do it ... and then finally he enters the door."