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Ana Čigon is a painter from Slovenia, who is studying towards her Masters in video at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana. She works in painting, video and new media art, but her interest for art goes even further, since other art forms (dance, theatre, literature, music) are sometimes the cause of new experiments in her own fields of work. She is currently working on the ways of connecting dance with video. She does not limit herself to only one form of art nor one medium of art, instead she tries to take advantage of every medium to get the result and final effect she wants. Besides researching communication of a particular medium, she sometimes also involves in her art questions about the social status of women, but always with a teasing hint of humour and irony. She has presented her painting, video and new media work in different group and solo exhibition in Slovenia and abroad.



"CW is in a lot of ways connected to my current interests. It does in fact involve different art forms and tries to find connections between them. It is a quite direct way of discovering and experimenting with the ways of communication of different art forms, and their ability to transmit a specific message. At first sight, this represents to me a rather difficult assignment to create a connection between so different forms of creativity. But at the same time, it provides me with a wonderful challenge, since the dialogue between different art forms and different artists has been attracting my attention for a long time.


I am glad to be the one who 'introduces' all artists to each other. Though the works are of course very different from each other, I think somehow they are still connected by the same feeling and that they really do go nicely together. I feel that the works led me themselves to find the ways of making connections between them. It immediately seemed most logical to me that the chronological installation should be formed as a pathway through the evolution/changes from the first work on. I would like the viewer to learn about each work as gradually as the works were formed. Thank you :)"