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Childhood World, memories, sounds and silence, words and meanings, it’s about nothing and everything, this play is about silence, all the things we are supposed to do when we are young, sometimes you can’t remember but sometimes you can remember how to remember, the dance of butterflies in early spring meadows and a crazy schoolgirl among them, inner world where our thoughts meet one another and fight - all consists of little things, thinking before going to sleep, Cleaned and Washed, conflict between internal and external life, this wasn’t flamingo dance - CW is how an elephant learns how to dive, desperate dreams - hopes - fight between black and white, looking at the stars you will remember someone from the past, every day somebody is going mad but that’s the best thing that can/could happen to us, Clear Way, cinematic carousel, Child’s World, Costume White (cold), Colourful Wall, Calm Wind, maybe she’s insane – maybe just normal, now I realise it is more like Childhood and… a kind of War, CW = life in double, I don’t even want to try to understand the idea, everything can be art, Curiosities of Windela – she has five emotional personalities that in general are in harmony with themselves and with Windela, Childhood Way, Centre of the World – everybody who is happy is the Centre of the World – I’m happy, the main idea is to do it with strong belief in yourself and then everyone will get your message, from disharmony to self-founded harmony...

Chinese Whispers – where and what is our home?