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For me, the story of this project is the story of friendship. My friend Daina Klibike makes beautiful music, and when she asked me to write a piece for her music, I was happy to accept.

For a while, Daina and I lived together as strangers. Our friendship began through music. She would play the piano after dinner, and I would listen, touched in a way I could not express. Have we ever spoken of this? Or is it rather unsaid, the silent understanding which defines our friendship.

For once, I've tried to express something of what her music means to me, however impossible that is.


The CW project itself is also a story of meetings between strangers. The whispering game, where words are whispered through the air, between countries, in a foreign language. It is a game through which strangers have met - not always face to face, sometimes only through words, whispered or written - and become friends. 




Lajla Rolstad was born in 1978 in Norway.

She studies literature at the University of Oslo.