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My name is Julia Zitluhina. My nickname is Jurgalina. This could be the name of my future studio of design. Iím 34 years old. My life has always been related to 'creation'. My sister is a contemporary dance choreographer and dancer, my dad is a professional photographer, and my mom taught me how to play the piano. I studied music for 10 years. This was my momís dream, and Iím thankful to her for my love of music.

A second part of me is web and graphic design. I work in a computer firm and make all advertising for the company. For some time I have worked as a free-lance designer. My computer is my friend - I often speak with him and ask for consultations in some questions. Itís not madness. Itís our life in the time of computer technology.




When Ilze Zirina asked me to participate in the project CW, I remembered a game we played in childhoodÖ CW is an interesting game embodied in the interesting project. I donít know how the audience will react to this performance, but I think that for all of us who worked on this project it was very exciting to participate in the process. I like to meet new people, and to make an attempt to realise myself in a new company. Itís an acquaintance with new people, with creative people.


Therefore, with impatience, I waited for my part of the project - a text from Lajla. When I read the text, I at once had a picture in my mind. The picture was very light, bright, like the mind of a little girl. I tried to express this in the design of the poster, and I hope that it worked.