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The photographer takes slide images of fabrics and gives these slides to the choreographer

The choreographer creates a dance piece to the images, with the dancers in white (to act as moving-fabric images) and the slide projections will be the main stage light

The choreographer shows the dance-piece to the composer, who is not shown the images

The composer writes music for the dance performance, and plays this music to the writer. The writer is not shown the images or the choreography.

The writer then writes a description of the music, in any form. This is then given to the graphic designer, who has no access to the music, dance, or images

The graphic designer designs posters / flyers for the performance, based on his/her perception of the written description

CW is performed to the public

The public are encouraged to give their reaction to, and interpretations of, CW


The only limitations of the project are:

1) the name CW is a constant  

2) each artist must create his/her piece as an interpretation of the preceding piece  

3) the artists have no access to other parts of CW except for the piece preceding theirs



The 5 artists collaborating in the project are:

Adam Ramejkis (UK)

Ilze Zirina (LV)

Daina Klibike (LV)

Lajla Rolstad (NOR)

Julia Zitluhina (LV)