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Ilze Zirina got her MA in choreography from the Latvian Music Academy, and has added to her professional skills through contact with dance specialists like David Zambrano, Benno Voorham, Masaki Iwana, Julyen Hamilton, Andrea Buckley, Pep Ramis and others. She has been a dancer in Olga Zitluhina Dance Company since 1997, and has performed as an independent artist since 2003.She has participated in many international festivals.

She teaches ‘contemporary and contact improvisation’ in the Latvian Culture College, and is also the director and choreographer of zi



CW, for me, is very much about trust and respect, not judgement. I love the idea of letting each part of the chain be independent, enjoying, and letting ourselves be surprised by, the fact of being different...Often in collaboration we try to find a compromise, to prove or adapt something. Here each artist is free to interpret the preceding part of the chain as he/she sees it. It is very important  to not have expectations, but to let the project live.


My first impressions of Adam’s slides were:  colour… touch…  childhood... space… noise… games… memories… unfamiliar smells…changes from impersonal to personal…rhythm.

Characters, passing every day…


Being aware that the dancers will be a screen for the slides, I started from the outside – the shape. (The first impulse came from outside – the slides). Still, the sensation of the first impression was there. We tried to put more and more breath into the skeleton, so the piece was constantly changing.  Filling of the shape is there for me, and the dancers.