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Daina Klibike studied ‘Music theory’ at J.Medina Music College  in Riga (1997-2001) and ‘Composition’ with Professor Lasse Thoresen at the Norwegian Academy of Music (2004-2005). She has studied ‘Composition’ at the Latvian Academy of Music since 2001 (with professor Juris Karlsons) and will graduate this spring.

To date, she has focused her attention on instrumental scores, examples being Winter sun (clarinet quartet), La Faccia (wind ensemble), and Before (2 violins, saxophone, piano).

At present, she feels that her future is connected with ‘screen composition’


“My statement of today is that I need silence to live and music to taste life. What do 'real music' and 'real silence' mean? Surely nobody knows about ‘absolute music’ or ‘absolute silence’, and we would all be dead without music or silence on this planet.”




The project CW seemed to me something I have not experienced before. It is unique and surprisingly simple, new and absolutely free for creativity. For me, the most interesting part is the connecting substance – the taste of an artist. I cannot imagine how it will look all together, but I am sure that the creative senses and emotions are the hidden information or code passing through all parts of this chain, like the ‘blood’ of a living body.


At first, I noticed small details in Ilze’s choreography which were very charming to me. I usually look for details everywhere, and watch communication between them. I saw this communication here and it fascinated me – tiny movements of fingers and arms, small swinging motions followed by long gestures of ‘vocal emotions’. My first reaction to the choreography was ‘memories of childhood’.