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I don’t think of myself as an artist, I don’t even know what this word means. I see myself more as someone who has ideas, and I like the Latvian title ‘Author of ideas’. Art for me is simply a label which people like to give to expressions of ideas, and I find it difficult to understand how people can say that one idea, or the expression of this idea, is good but that another is bad.

I have taken photos for fashion magazines in the past, the images which started this whole project were taken on a few sunny days in Vienna in 2000, and other photographers and ‘artists’ asked me what inspired me to take these images, what the story was behind each photo, to which I could only reply “They looked nice”. This response was not satisfactory for them, and this lowered the value and quality of the images in their eyes.




The idea for this project came to me a few years afterwards – I wanted to see what stories others see in my images and how these ‘stories’ inspire them to create their own piece, this piece then being interpreted by another ‘artist’, which would in turn be interpreted…like the game ‘Chinese Whispers’. . The project name CW is simply the initials of this game, and the whole project is like a game, where the audience are the last to ‘hear’ the whisper and express what they have ‘heard’ – the last interpretation of this cycle of interpretation.

This is the first part of a planned 3-part series which runs along the same lines – interpretations of interpretations… where my final interpretation will complete the circle.



I don’t have any expectations for this project, all I know is that it cannot be bad, or fail, because it is simply the expression of an idea.